Atomist Wall Mount Fan

Wall Mount

  • Commercial & Industrial Facilities. Manufacturing, Factories, Warehousing, Food Processing, Metal-mechanical, Plastics, Petrochemical and Textile.
  • Food & Beverage Sector. Outdoor seating at Restaurants, Kitchens, Bakeries, Supermarkets, Fruit stands, Outdoor markets and Farmer’s markets.
  • Service Sector. Hotels & Resorts, Fitness centers, Dry cleaners, Auto shops, Print shops, Schools & Colleges, Clubs, Gymnasiums, Bars and Night clubs.
  • Events. Sporting events, Concerts, Weddings and Parties.
  • Agribusiness. Poultry farms, Dairy Farms, Stables, Orchards and Greenhouses.
  • Residential. Backyards, Patios, Poolside, BBQs, Garages and Work sheds.
  • Military and Government Facilities.


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