None. Portacool® units are ready to use right out of the box.

Misting units spray a shower of water into the air that will collect on people, objects, equipment, floors, etc. The Portacool® unit uses the process of evaporation to produce cooler air, but does not discharge a mist.

For optimum performance, the temperature should be 85° F or higher and the relative humidity should be below 75%. However, Portacool® units will reduce the temperature in almost any environment, making it more pleasant.

First, make sure the water source and electricity source are connected and working. Second, check the back of your unit to see if the pads are damp. Adjust the water flow. For the evaporation process to occur, the pads must be damp before you turn on the fan. Third, make sure there is water in the tank. It should be allowed to fill before you turn the pump on. Fourth, if none of these options fix the problem, contact our Tech Support Dept.

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Replacement parts may be ordered online or give us a call 888.343.5895 for prompt delivery.

With no direct water source available, the unit will evaporate the water in a filled sump tank within two to 10 hours of operation, depending on the water capacity of the unit and ambient conditions. The evaporation rate will vary depending on temperature and humidity. A water source for refilling the sump tank is recommended by the manufacturer. Most units have an internal float valve for regulating water flow into the sump.

A new unit will go through a break-in period during which it may emit some odor. The pads, located in the back of your Portacool® unit, have never been wet. The resin in the pads will emit an odor the first time you wet them that lasts approximately one to three weeks. Keep the unit in an open area until the odor goes away or put a capful of laundry softener directly in the tank in the bottom of your unit. After approximately two weeks of operation, the odor should disappear. If the unit is not a new unit, algae or bacteria growth in the unit from improper maintenance will cause odors. Please refer to your owner’s manual for proper cleaning and maintenance.

An increase in humidity of approximately two to five percent is produced, depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. This increase is not noticeable in a ventilated area where the air produced by the unit is exhausted.

Some of the vapor from the ice water may be picked up and distributed by the fan, but this does not increase evaporation and therefore will not produce significant cooling.

That isn’t required. The motor bearings are sealed and cannot be oiled.

Drain the unit, dry out the pads and place the unit, preferably covered, in a dry place for the winter season. For more details, please call our Tech Support Hotline at 888.343.5895.

Depending on the quality of maintenance and frequency of use, pads typically last up to five years. However, should you have any questions about the life of the pads for your unit, please contact our Tech Support Dept.
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On the outside of every unit is a metal plate with a white label with printed barcodes and other information. Unit model numbers begin with the letters “PAC.” Serial numbers are all-digits. Always provide the unit’s serial number and model number when contacting Parts/Technical Support.

If your question is still unanswered please contact our Tech Support Dept.

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Download Portacool Owner's Manual