Big Ass Fans – Cool-Space 350 – Fort Worth Mustang Show

Ready for rapid cooling that’s cheaper than A/C and more powerful than fans? Meet Cool-Space 350. This versatile beast puts out up to 3,400 CFM of airflow for a coverage area of up to 2,300 square feet (213.6 square meters). That means you’ll enjoy lower temperatures of up to 33 °F (18 °C) in large indoor and outdoor spaces like warehouses, auto bays, or factories. Plus, its highly portable design and 10 hours of hoseless runtime mean that if your plans change, it adapts right along with you.
  • Quickly cool indoor and outdoor spaces by up to 33 °F (18 °C)
  • Coverage area of up to 2,300 square feet (213.6 square meters)
  • Up to 3,400 CFM of airflow
  • Ideal for ​​large warehouses, factories, and outdoor patios
  • 8-inch (20-centimeter) resin-treated cooling media
  • 20-inch (50.8-centimeter) fan diameter
  • 50-gallon (189-liter) reservoir lasts up to 10 hours without hose connection
  • Variable speed dial and pump switch
  • GREENGUARD Gold-certified media is algae and mold resistant for cleaner, more efficient performance